Heritage Farm School Programs

Schaumburg was once a German-American farm community supported by the dairy industry. Volkening Heritage Farm is a reminder of what life was like in the 1880s. Visitors are invited to participate in farm chores and learn about farm life. School programs are available Tuesdays through Fridays from 9AM to 5PM. Teacher resources are available for farm programs.

For more information, call 847/985-2102.


  • A Proper Home for Henrietta - After listening to a fun story about a chicken named Henrietta, little ones go on an adventure through the farm to meet the animals, learn how to identify them, and see the different ways they live. Children become more acquainted with each animal’s characteristics, what things they do on the farm, and ultimately gain a better understanding of farms and how each animal is important.
  • Farms and Food - Let the sounds and smells of the working farm enhance the student’s understanding of farm chores, where food comes from and animal care. Through this program, students experience and actively learn about the relationships between agriculture and food, both historically and present day.
  • Hands on History - Participants engage their senses while performing the chores typical of children their age in the 1880s. By the labor of their own hands, students will gain more than understanding, they will gain an appreciation of the agricultural lifestyle that typifies our agrarian heritage. Whether milking a cow, making butter, lending a hand to process grains, or baking pretzels on the wood burning stove, young learners can expect an unforgettable experience.
  • Heritage Quest - Students go on a quest to learn about farm life and get firsthand experience by helping with chores including making butter, working with harvested grains, taking care of chickens and giving a helping hand in the farmhouse. After the day is done, students gain an understanding of how important every person is to the farm and how it mimics a community.

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