Adopt-A-Park Schaumburg


The Schaumburg Park District invites residents and non-profit civic groups to take part in its Adopt-A-Park program. Show community pride and civic responsibility by acting as the eyes and ears of the Park District.

The Schaumburg Park District's main purpose in establishing the Adopt-A-Park program is to increase citizen awareness and pride in the community's parks. The program is designed to be a low key, informal approach to involve the community with their neighborhood park by "keeping an eye out" for potential hazards, vandalism and general park abuse. It is the Park District's hope that this involvement will increase the level of appreciation and awareness, and halt the current problems of dog littering, dumping of grass clippings and vandalism.

Adopting bodies are encouraged to plan activities including picnics, games, walks and occasional clean-up tours in the adopted park. These activities will provide opportunities for residents to become involved in the community and the Adopt-A-Park program.

The Adopt-A-Park program does not substitute the Park District's responsibility for maintaining the parks. All 103 Schaumburg Park District park sites are routinely inspected each week by the parks department to ensure safety and aesthetic quality. Playground equipment, backstops, lights, vegetation, walkways and other park amenities are scrutinized for potential hazards. All "adopted" parks remain on the weekly inspection checklist and receive equal maintenance attention.

Adopt-A-Park participants are asked to assist the parks department by reporting damaged or stolen equipment, litter, clogged culverts or storm sewers, damaged trees, etc., should it occur between safety inspections. Such reports should be directed to the Administrative Office at 847/985-2115 and follow the citizen complaint procedures for prioritizing purposes. The report will be forwarded to the parks department and acted upon respective of the nature and urgency of the situation. As part of the program, residents and civic groups may fill out their own inspection checklist (PDF) on their adopted park and submit it to the parks department.

Activities occurring in the parks which warrant police action should be immediately reported to the police. During the summer season, the Park District employs a Park Rangers, who patrol the parks daily from 6PM to 1AM. A telephone hotline, 847/490-2505, has been established for the public should problem occur in the parks while the rangers are on duty. Staff operating this hotline will relay the situation to the Park Rangers until 11PM. After that time, calls should go to the police.

In addition to reporting problems in the parks, adopting residents and civic groups are invited to implement beautification projects including planting flowers or ground cover around park signs and entrances. Although these projects are encouraged, they must be reviewed by the Park District to ensure that park standards are followed.

A special sign will be hung under the adopted park's formal entrance sign, acknowledging the organization's participation in the Park District's Adopt-A-Park program, should they decide to adopt a park. There is no fee. For questions regarding the program or what parks are available for adoption, contact the superintendent of parks and planning at 847/985-2115.

To start the adoption process, please complete an Adopt-A-Park Enrollment Application (PDF) and submit it to the parks department.

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