Schaumburg park District Health and Fitness


The Schaumburg Park District offers a diverse collection of fitness opportunities for its members.

For more information, call 847/490-7015. If you would like to receive group fitness updates, please email the Fitness Supervisor.

Fitness Facilities

NEW! Fitness Unlimited Plus 

Fitness Unlimited Plus allows members to take an unlimited amount of fitness classes. Fitness Unlimited Plus includes additional classes not available with the Fitness Unlimited punch card, including TRX, Cycle, Zumba, Zumba Gold and RIP.

Fitness Unlimited

Fitness Unlimited offers a variety of group land and aqua classes for all fitness levels at several locations... all in one card, all for one price!

Fitness Classes

Schaumburg Park District offers a variety of health and fitness classes. Pre-registration is required. Classes include:

  • 5K Training Program: Improve your running whether you are a beginner striving for your first 5K or a seasoned runner looking to set a new personal record. Learn proper running technique, the importance of cross-training and recovery as well as how to increase your distance and pace.
  • Ageless Grace: Ageless Grace is a fun, creative, playful exercise program practiced to music in a chair.  Ageless Grace is an Anti-Aging fitness program for body and BRAIN based on the Science of Neuroplasticity.
  • Aqkwontae/Water Kickboxing: Fitness kickboxing is taken to the water to provide a great cardiovascular workout. Use low impact kickboxing techniques against water's natural resistance.
  • BOSU Mobility and Stability for Active Aging: BOSU Mobility and Stability offer participants a unique approach to exercise that includes cardiovascular, strength and active flexibility range of motion movements on both the floor and the BOSU Balance Trainer.
  • Couch to Cardio: If you’ve wanted to try a group fitness class but felt too awkward or out of shape to try, then this class is for you! Learn how to move the body to become stronger and more fit.
  • Cycle: This class has you riding to the rhythm of powerful music, while losing inches and toning muscles.
  • Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a health exercise and martial art. Develop an awareness of the body, mind and spirit. Movements are executed slowly and precisely to learn proper body alignment. Gain a sense of well being.
  • Triathlon Training: Improve your swimming, running and biking whether you’re considering trying a triathlon for the first time or a seasoned veteran. Coached by triathlon veterans who understand the joys, benefits and challenges of training for triathlons while balancing work and family. Come to the first class prepared to swim!
  • Yoga: Class is great for stress reduction, relaxing stretching, energizing breathing practices, dynamic strengthening posture, increasing flexibility and improving overall health.
  • ZUMBA: Dance your way to a fitter you with exciting and unique Latin moves and rhythms.
  • Zumba Gold: The easy-to-follow program that lets you move to the beat at your own speed.  It's an invigorating, community-oriented dance-fitness class that feels fresh, and most of all, exhilarating! 
  • Zumba Kids: The Zumba Kids program is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young Zumba fans ages 7 to 11, where they can play it loud and rock with friends to their own rules!  This program features age-appropriate music and moves that gets kids movin' to the beat.

Schaumburg Park District also offers youth fitness training orientations. Classes are added seasonally.

For additional fitness class offerings and schedules, visit the program guide. Online registration is available through iSPOT for many classes.


Select the right fitness membership for you and your family here!

Personal Training

Private & semi-private personal training sessions led by certified trainers are available at the Community Recreation Center, Meineke Recreation Center and Schaumburg Tennis Plus.

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