schaumburg cultural arts

Cultural Arts

The Cultural Arts Studios, composed of the Schaumburg School of Dance, the Theatre, Visual Arts Academy and Schaumburg Music Conservatory, has all the state-of-the-art equipment, facilities and staff needed for a full-service arts program.

To view the latest class and program offerings, visit the current program guide.

For more information, contact the cultural arts supervisor at 847/490-7015, ext. 2023.

Schaumburg School of Dance

Schaumburg School of Dance features three dance studios with sprung wood floors, mirrors, ballet barres and a second floor student changing/study area. Schaumburg School of Dance provides skill building techniques through various dance forms. Equal attention is given to providing a pleasant atmosphere essential to learning. Good poise and self-confidence is gained while experiencing the joy of movement which carries through to all parts of the dancer’s life. The goal is to provide every student with a solid dance foundation, while leaving room for individual creativity and fun!

The Theatre

The Theatre program is an organizational member of the American Association of Community Theatre. It consists of Improv & Mime, Time Travelers Theatre Ensemble, Actor's Studio Theatre, Class Act Youth Theatre, Street Theatre, youth drama clubs and more.

Visual Arts Academy

The Visual Arts Academy located at the Community Recreation Center offers a variety of classes for children and adults. Options include ceramics, drawing, cartooning, fashion design and more.

Schaumburg Music Conservatory

The Schaumburg Music Conservatory has two sites, the Community Recreation Center (piano, violin, voice and choir) and the Pat Shephard Center (guitar and drum). Private lessons are offered throughout the year and students are welcome to enroll at any time during the session. The piano studio is fully equipped with seven Clavinova digital pianos.

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