The gymnastics center at the Sport Center is home to instructional classes and camps for boys and girls ages 2 to 16. It is also home to a competitive team program and has instructors available for private lessons.

For more information, call 847/891-1266. 

Class Offerings

The Schaumburg Park District gymnastic program has a number of classes designed to fit your needs. More class information is available in the program guide.

  • Parent/Tot:
    Classes designed for parents with their 2-3-year-old child. Parents are required to participate in every class as their child is given the opportunity to try many pieces of gymnastics equipment.   
  • Tot:
    Children are taught age appropriate gymnastics movements and concepts. Children must be potty-trained.
  • Jr. Gymnastics:
    Beginner - Children are taught basic gymnastics skills and gym safety rules.
    Intermediate - *Pre-requisite: Jr. Gym-Beginner*
    Children who have accomplished basic floor and apparatus skills.   
  • Girls/Boys Beginner:
    Beginners learn basic gymnastics skills while moving around the gym in a safe  and appropriate manner.
  • Girls/Boys Intermediate: *Instructor permission required*
    This class is designed for the gymnast who has mastered basic skills at each event and is ready to learn more difficult skills while working on connecting sequences.
  • Girls/Boys Advanced: *Pre-requisite: Girls/Boys Intermediate with Instructor permission required*
    This class continues training for those who do not want to join a team or work on routines.
  • Tumble/Cheer:
    This program incorporates balance work, jumps and heavy concentration on tumbling. At the intermediate level, tumbling combinations are added. At the advance level, difficult tumbling skills and passes are incorporated.
  • Junior Team: *Instructor permission required*
    This class is designed for the child who shows an exceptional level of intensity and has mastered basic skills at an early age.
  • Team: *Instructor permission required*
    The team is designed to provide quality training for gymnasts. The curriculum and compulsory routines in the GIJO/USAG age group program are followed.


Gymnastics camps are offered during spring break, summer and winter break

For more information, call 847/891-1266.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered at a rate of $47 per hour per resident gymnast and $67 per hour per non-resident gymnast.

Contact the gymnastics coordinator at 847/891-1266 to schedule a private lesson today.

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