Schaumburg Park District Pool Rentals

Outdoor Pool Rentals

Outdoor pools including Atcher Island, Bock Pool and Meineke Pool are available to rent during the summer pool season.

Rentals are also available at The Water Works year-round.

Atcher Island Private Rentals

  • Private rentals are available.
  • Monday to Friday from 8:45 to 10:45PM and Saturday/Sunday from 8:15 to 10:15PM.
  • Fee is $450 for residents and $500 for non-residents for two hours.
  • Call 847/490-2509 for more information.

Bock Pool Rentals

  • Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 10PM and Saturday/Sunday from 8 to 10PM
  • Fee is $100 for residents and $120 for non-residents per hour plus an additional $10/hour for each lifeguard.
  • There will be an additional fee for the use of Meineke water slides. Number of lifeguards depends on number of swimmers and facility needs.
  • Summer Pool Rental Form (PDF)

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