Community Recreation Center Room Rentals

Room Rentals at Community Recreation Center

Be it a family birthday party, work meeting, or any other special event, the Schaumburg Park District has rooms to rent for all occasions. Located within the Community Recreation Center, there are four different rooms that can be rented based on availability. All rooms rented at the Community Recreation Center must follow these items of criteria:
  • Rentals must be completed by 10PM Monday to Friday, and 9PM on Saturday or Sunday.
  • A $50 refundable damage deposit must be paid to hold a reservation.
  • In order to have alcohol on the premises, a liquor license must be obtained from the Village of Schaumburg, policy holder must be able to prove $1,000,000 liability with Schaumburg Park District as insured and have the director’s approval.
  • No loud music or DJ’s may be brought in the facility.
  • Rental fees are $40 an hour for residents of Schaumburg Park District and $60 for non-residents.
  • A rental includes 16 chairs and two tables.
  • Additional chairs or tables can be added at the cost of $6 for one table or a set of eight chairs.
  • Nothing can be affixed to any of the walls or doors.
For more information, call 847/490-2509.

Rental Application

Schaumburg Park District Room Rental Application (PDF)

Rooms Available

Senior Room
  • Holds a maximum of 100 people
  • Easy access to front doors and bathrooms closely located
  • A separate kitchen can be added for an additional $20 (flat fee) resident/$30 non-resident
Schaumburg Park District Senior Center Room
Visual Arts Room
  • Holds a maximum of 50 people
  • Located on the second level near an elevator
  • Kitchen is included in the room, which will be added to your cost
Schaumburg Park District Visual Arts Room

Schaumburg Park District Visual Arts Room
Ceramics Room
  • Holds a maximum of 50 people
  • Located on the second level at the top of the stairs
  • Bathrooms are located next to the room
Schaumburg Park District Ceramics Room
Creative Activity Room
  • Holds a maximum of 70 people
  • Located on the second level near an elevator
  • Play equipment in the room is designed for children ages five-and-under
  • Play equipment may be utilized for an additional fee
Creative Activity Room

Schaumburg Park District Creative Activity Room

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