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2018 Schaumburg Heartbeat Episodes

Below is a list of Schaumburg Heartbeat shows from 2018.

November 2018 - Heartbeat reporter Burke MacDonald visits the 2018 Silver Games. Then Burke investigates how SPD keeps our ballparks in peak condition for residents.

September 2018 - Burke MacDonald investigates waystations for monarch butterflies, with Barry Clark, Kim Savino and students. Then Denis DeCamp talks with Paula Diaz about the Citizen's Police Academy.

June 2018Dan McNulty interviews HOF bowler Carmen Salvino about the tricks of the trade. Then Toni Higgins-Thrash hosts an overview of comfort dog training at Lutheran Charities.

April 2018Burke MacDonald first visits the St. Patrick's Day Senior Lunch, with Lisa Perrone.  Then Burke talks with guest Katherine Dagres, whose family owned and operated Chicago's famed Ideal Candy Company.

February 2018 - Reporter Denis DeCamp first talks with guest Dick McCloughan about construction of the Sears Tower. Then Denis investigates the Senior Golf League, with Ed Kelby. Jon Parsons then joins Denis for an update on renovations happening at SGC.

January 2018 - Burke MacDonald investigates the personal fitness training programs at SPD. Then he heads over to Spring Valley, where we learn about the various family workshops offered during the winter season.

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