schaumburg heartbeat

2017 Schaumburg Heartbeat Episodes

Below is a list of Schaumburg Heartbeat shows from 2017.

January 2017 - Burke MacDonald talks with Monica Harris and Jane Rozek, of the Schaumburg Township District Library.

March 2017Reporter Bill Eliazek talks with Lauren Perschon about amplified phones. Then, Burke MacDonald traces the life of veteran John Reis, from Hawaii through WW II and beyond.

April 2017 - Burke MacDonald talks with Winnie and Chuck Christensen. Winnie recounts her childhood in China and her escape, during WW II.

June 2017 - Burke MacDonald talks with Herb Demmel, recently named Schaumburg 2017 Volunteer of the Year. Then Burke heads to the Prairie Arts Center, for the 2017 Senior Follies.

July 2017 - Burke MacDonald chats with genealogist Tony Kierna at the Schaumburg Library. They discuss how to go about tracing family history via both traditional and modern approaches.

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