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2011 Schaumburg Heartbeat Episodes

Below is a list of Schaumburg Heartbeat shows from 2011.

December 2011 - Burke interviews local stand up comedian, Pam Engelhart, and Connie visits the new "fresh bar" at The Barn.

November 2011 - Toni learns a few balloon making and juggling tips from an entertainer. Burke stops by a Schaumburg hardware store to learn how to winterize homes.

October 2011 - Burke visits the annual Silver Games, a friendly competition for seniors; Dan talks to Cindy McCune, the nursing supervisor for the Village of Schaumburg; and Burke discusses tree trimming and the emerald ash borer with Schaumburg Park District.

September 2011 - Dan talks table tennis with Schaumburg Park District's Spenser Lam. Burke interviews Fred Yamaguchi about photography and Japanese internment camps.

August 2011 - Burke stops by the intergenerational garden at the Barn to see what the seniors and teens are working on. Crops grown at the site go to the Barn and food pantry. Toni visits REI and talks about camping and gear with staff.

July 2011 - Dan discusses plans for the Schaumburg bike paths with Village of Schaumburg Transportation Planner Richard Bascomb. Toni stops by the exciting Highland Games and Burke learns about assistive devices with Kenneth Young Center's Daxa Sanghvi.

June 2011 -  Connie Arkus discusses composting with Conservation Services Manager Dave Brooks. Burke meets with representatives from the Kenneth Young Center and the Schaumburg Police Department to talk about elder abuse.

May 2011 - Heartbeat visits Spring Valley! Dan talks spring gardening with Jan Doud & Donna Johnson of the Schaumburg Garden Club. Toni talks falconry with Cathy Blecker. Burke discusses bird watching with Bob & Kathy Andrini.

April 2011
- Dan discusses organ donation with Janet Lee-Zimmer and Burke discusses an upcoming recycling event with the Village of Schaumburg, Schaumburg Township Library and School District 54.

March 2011 - Toni visits Peggy Kinnane's for a music festival and talks with General Manager Derek Hanley. Burke discusses estate planning with Rodney H. Piercey of Piercey & Associates, Ltd.

February 2011 - Experience music therapy! Burke discusses how music therapy helps hospice and other patients at Friendship Village with Friendship Village Music Therapist Bryn McCabe-Weiland, Friendship Village Chaplain Shawn Kafader and Burke's mother.

January 2011 - Dan talks to the Village of Schaumburg superintendent of field services about snow plowing. Toni talks nutrition with NOW Foods and Fruitful Yield.

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