More Things Schaumburg Park District

2014 More Things Episodes

Below is a list of More Things shows from 2014 that can be viewed online.

March 2014 - Judy stops by Meineke Recreation Center to visit the So Cool Spring Break Camp. Kids play games, sports and do crafts.

July 2014 - More Things Host Judy Trent stops by various Schaumburg Park District summer camps.

August 2014 - More Things! host Judy Trent stops by Deerfields Bakery to explore how dozens of sweet treats are made.

October 2014 - More Things! host Judy Trent meets with the Home School program. Judy visits Spring Valley to learn about bugs, catches up on reading at a book club and runs around at open gym!

November 2014 - In this episode of More Things! Judy Trent visits the Autumn Harvest Festival. Judy and friends explore the farm and learn about the different ways apples were used in the 1800s.

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