Schaumburg Park District Go! Show

September 11, 2012

Septemberfest Parade 2012

Director of Communications and Corporate Relation Pat Casler reports from the 2012 Septemberfest Parade. Casler talks with the Schaumburg BoomersSpring Valley staff, Schaumburg Idol Melissa Wickland and Miss Septemberfest.

Noonie Times

Party Coordinator Pam Gauper visits the free Noonie Times summer event series. Gauper chats with performers and checks out the shows including Super Stolie and the Rockstars, Mr. Singer and the Sharp Cookies and Cold Blooded Creatures.

Illinois Music Association Competition Winners

Cultural Arts Supervisor Beth Waller interview the winners of the Illinois Music Association's May 2012 competition. Hear the pleasant sounds of the winners.

Cultural Arts Camps

Communications Intern Maggie McLinden reports from the District's summer cultural arts camps. McLinden talks with children in a variety of camps about their experiences.

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