Schaumburg Park District Go! Show

January 17, 2011

Mayor Al Larson

Village of Schaumburg Mayor Al Larson makes his annual appearance on the Go! Show and talks with host and Schaumburg Park District Executive Director Jean Schlinkmann. Mayor Larson discusses the latest happenings in the village.

Urban Moves

SPD Cultural Arts Supervisor Beth Waller visits Urban Moves, a hip hop class taught by the talented Karlo Familara. Watch these animated kids show off their moves!

True Lacrosse

Bock Center Manager George Grey stops by the Sport Center to talk with True Lacrosse Owner and Director Mike Gabel about lacrosse offerings at the Schaumburg Park District.

STP Professional-Amateur Adult Social

Schaumburg Tennis Plus Manager Jaime Coplon interviews staff and players about the fun happenings at the tennis social held at the District's tennis club.

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