Schaumburg Park District Go! Show

February 28, 2011

SAA Cheerleading & Football

SPD Executive Director Jean Schlinkmann discusses SAA cheerleading and football with Cheerleading Commissioner Christine Rooney and Football Commissioner Tony D'Orazio.

Senior Mardi Gras Luncheon

Senior Supervisor Lisa Perrone reports from the Mardi Gras Luncheon held at the Senior Center. Lisa talks with guests and enjoys a performance from Ed Warble.

Heritage Farm Piglets

Heritage Farm Operations Coordinator Evan Zimmerman introduces viewers to the new piglets and discusses their birth at Schaumburg's 1880s farm.

Time Travelers Theatre Ensemble

Time Travelers Theatre Ensemble Director Marc Jolley reports from the Ensemble's seventh anniversary show at Schaumburg Tennis Plus. Former cast members are interviewed and the show is featured.

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