BCUZ TV Schaumburg Park District

April 8, 2014


Sport Center Facility Manager Karen Shannon stops by the gymnastics studio at the Sport Center. Joanne Carpenter tells us about the gymnastics program and talks with a few of her team members and we take a look at their annual home meet.

Belly Dance Class

Cultural Arts Supervisor Beth Waller checks in on a belly dancing class to meet with the instructor and participants. Participants learn the necessary technique and moves that give the mind and body a workout in this class.

A Garden of Diversity: Our Multicultural Heritage

Bock Neigbhorhood Center Manager/Program & Event Supervisor George Grey reports from A Garden of Diversity: Our Multicultural Heritage. Gret talks with families as they learn about the many different cultures of Schaumburg. Participants complete crafts, play games, watch performances and try different food.

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