Sustainable Living Sale Items

Spring Valley is here to help you reduce your environmental footprint by offering for sale items that conserve resources or help you to transform your home landscape into a green oasis for local butterflies, birds, and other wildlife. The following items are available for purchase at the Vera Meineke Nature Center any time of year. Other items, such as composted manure and bird-friendly native shrubs are seasonal items. 

For more information, call 847/985-2100.

Items are available now in the Vera Meineke Nature Center gift shop at Spring Valley.

NEW! Reusable Straw

Eliminate your use of un-recyclable plastic straws for good! This washable and collapsible straw fits into a pocket-sized carrying case and come with a cleaning brush. Washable silicone tube is encased by sturdy stainless steel. Cost:  $12 


NEW! Beeswax Wrap

Eliminate the use of plastic wrap with all natural beeswax infused cloth wraps. The beeswax allows the wrap to mold around stored fruits and vegetables or a bowl or cup. Includes three washable wraps: 7x8 inch, 10x11 inch, and 13x14 inch. Cost: $27


NEW! Reusable Lunch Bag

Bye-bye plastic sandwich bags and paper lunch bags! This burlap bag includes four different-sized nylon zipper bags that can be used for sandwiches, chips, veggies – whatever you normally pack for work or a day out hiking! Cost: $22


NEW! Reusable Food Storage Bags

Replace your disposable plastic food storage bags with these heavy duty reusable ones! These food grade storage bags are strong enough to hold, pack and heat everything from spaghetti sauce to chicken noodle soup. They are durable, sealable, and washable. Set of four includes a collapsible silicone cup! Cost: $27


NEW! Native Ornamental Shrubs

Spring Valley offers a variety of native ornamental shrubs in easily plant-able 5-gallon containers. Native shrubs are hardy, generally drought-tolerant, and provide food and nesting cover for native birds. Varieties are selected to also provide great fall color and other landscape interest. Several varieties available - availability varies by season, so call or inquire at the nature center for details. Cost: $25 each


Home Composters

These large composters are made from sturdy and durable, yet lightweight black plastic. Bins consist of two interlocking pieces which come apart for storage or when removing finished compost. Equipped with a top lid and doors on two sides for easy access. Capacity is 17 cu. ft. or 125 gallons. Cost: $80


Rain Barrels

These are 50 gallon rain barrels made from blue reconditioned plastic food barrels. All rain barrels come equipped with a secure-fitting lid, brass spigot, overflow drain, and screened opening on top to accept rainwater from a downspout. Overflow is also screened to prevent access by mosquitoes. Includes instructions on painting so you can customize the look. Cost: $60

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