spring valley programs

Spring Valley Programs

Explore Spring Valley Nature Center and Heritage Farm through a variety of group programs and seasonal family, youth and adult programs.

For more information, call 847/985-2100 or view the Spring Valley pages in the program guide.

Spring Valley Group Programs

Spring Valley has group programs focusing on environmental education, historic farm life and nature. Programs are geared toward school students, homeschoolers and scouts. The group programs offered at Spring Valley have student resources and teacher resources available online. These resources are great for learning more about topics taught in group pograms.

Environmental Education

The Nature Center offers numerous school field trip opportunities. Program themes change seasonally and include outdoor activities. Environmental education programs inspire curiosity and teach about the natural world, and are offered Monday through Friday from 9AM to 4PM.

Volkening Heritage Farm

Schaumburg was once a German-American farm community supported by the dairy industry. Volkening Heritage Farm is a reminder of what life was like in the 1880s. Visitors are invited to participate in farm chores and learn about farm life. Farm school programs are available Tuesdays through Fridays from 9AM to 5PM.

Home School

An integrated and multidisciplinary approach to learning about the natural world that weaves math, science, social studies and literature into a meaningful story that makes learning easy and effective. Home school programs are specifically designed for home school groups.


Spring Valley staff will bring their outreach program to your site. Topics include forests, worms, spiders, mammals, owls, food chains, food webs, wetlands and the water cycle. Students will participate in hands-on activities, songs and games. Outreach programs may be adapted to students in grades one through six and are correlated with Illinois State Standards.


Spring Valley offers a full range of programs for most levels of scouting (Tiger, Bear, Wolf, Webelos, Merit Badges, Daisy, Brownie and Junior). Because of the nature of some of the badges, it may not be possible to meet all requirements during a program, but most of them will be covered. Scout programs are offered Monday through Friday from 3 to 5PM and Saturdays and school holidays from 9AM to 5PM.


Reservations, cancellations and fees apply for environmental education, outreach, scout and adult venture programs.

Spring Valley Adult, Family and Youth Programs

Spring Valley offers a variety of seasonal programs, classes, workshops and camps in the seasonal program guide. Programs are designed for specific age ranges, families or all ages. Most activities require pre-registration.


Spring Valley offers adult programs for ages 15 and up. Programs change seasonally. Learn about a variety of nature and farm topics!


Spring Valley offers family programs. Programs change seasonally. Spend time in nature with your family! Many programs have a special family rate

Summer Camps

Spring Valley offers summer camps for children and teens at the Nature Center and Heritage Farm.


Spring Valley offers seasonal youth programs at the Nature Center and Heritage Farm.

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