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Schaumburg Idol 2013 Contestants

Twelve contestants are vying for the honor of becoming the next Schaumburg Idol. Read more about the contestants below.

Taylor Adams

Training/Background: I have 10 years of vocal training and been in choirs since age 9. I have been playing piano for six years and I have performed in over 15 musicals.

Interesting information about yourself: I am 16 years old and all I do is sing. I am in an all girls a cappella choir that meets once a week and sings all different types of music. I play piano and am in gymnastics. I love producing music, especially through mixers and DJ art.

Favorite style of music: Country, R&B and pop.

Future goals: I want to go to Wisconsin-Madison for college for a major in psychology and neuroscience and a minor in music production.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me because I am a young girl looking for an opportunity to show the world what she's made of. I want to be a role model to people,especially young kids, to present the fact that it is possible to reach your dreams if you work your hardest. I believe music is the only thing shared all around the world, and to be able to participate in the connection between one another would be absolutely incredible. Without music, people wouldn't have anything to go to when they are feeling happy, lonely, sad, mad or any other emotion. I want the public to vote for me because they believe in a teenager that follows her heart and dreams, regardless of what anyone thinks of her.

Taylor Adams

Julia Cicero 

Training/Background:  I have sung in the school choir since 5th grade. I have been in several musical productions.  I also take voice lessons and love to sing!

Interesting information about yourself: I play piano and volleyball and do Irish Dancing. I like to write music as well as stories. I also love theater and have an identical twin.

Favorite style of music: I don't have a favorite genre. I really enjoy all music.

Future goals: I hope to become a writer.

Why the public should vote for you: I work hard at everything I do and being a contestant would mean a lot to me.

 Julia Cicero

Kathleen Cicero 

Training/Background: I have been in seven theatrical productions. I take voice lessons and sing in the school choir.  I sang the national anthem at several area events including a Schaumburg Boomers baseball game.

Interesting information about yourself: I am an identical twin. I take piano and Irish dance lessons.

Favorite style of music: I like all kinds of music but especially show tunes. 

Future goals: I would like to be on Broadway someday, a cartoonist or composer (or all three!).

Why the public should vote for you: I love to perform and will do my best.

 Kathleen Cicero

Sophia Clinite 

Training/Background: I have been acting for seven years and started taking voice lessons two years ago. I also know how to play piano.

Interesting Information about yourself: In the fall, I will be a freshman in high school.  I plan on joining the choir and trying out for theater productions along with sports.

Favorite style of music: I usually listen to pop music. I do love country, rock, and classic Disney and Broadway songs. Anything that makes me express my feelings in music!

Future goal: I am working toward my nursing degree and plan on volunteering at a hospital over the summer. I eventually would like to work in the NICU Unit. I would also like to see myself involved in theater and music.

Why the public should vote for you: Music is my life. I am always singing.  When I sing, it relaxes me but at the same time makes me feel full of energy and happy. I am able to express emotion through songs. I would love to share that happiness and see people smile from something I have done.

 Sophia Clinite

Kaitlyn DiSalvo

Training/Background: I was in chorus, select choir and honors choir. I have performed many solos and was invited to sing with the Director at WIU.

Interesting Information about yourself: I am 13 years old and have been singing since I can talk. I like to sing because it relieves my stress and it is a lot of fun.

Favorite style of music: I love pop, soul and a little bit of country.

Future goal: I want to win Schaumburg Idol and be famous.

Why the public should vote for you: When I was 7, I watched American Idol and ever since then I've wanted to be in a singing contest. I saw Taylor Matos on YouTube and it looked like a lot of fun to sing on Schaumburg Idol. I am going to try my hardest and have fun performing.

 kaitlyn disalvo

Alisha Jury 

Training/Background:  I took voice lessons at Bloomingdale School of Music for three years. I have a theater background.

Favorite style of music: Broadway show tunes and pop.

Future goal: Be a famous actress on Broadway.

Why the public should vote for you: I am fun loving and have a huge passion for singing.

 Alisha Jury

Isabella Ledonne 

Training/Background: I take voice lessons. I performed in School House Rock Live Jr., Dear Edwina and Seussical.

Interesting information about yourself: I have had many solos in talent shows and plays for singing.

Favorite style of music: Broadway and pop.

Future goals: To become a pop/Broadway singer or a writer.

Why the public should vote for you: I take singing seriously and hope to make a future of it.

 isabella ledone

Susan Magnani

Training/Background: I have been singing for as long as I can remember. I have been taking vocal lessons for almost three years now. I write my own songs in my free time and also spend a lot of my time reading books about singing and songwriting. I’m always eager to learn more so that I can be the best I can be.

Interesting information about yourself: My other hobbies include drawing, hanging with my friends and horseback riding. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m obsessed with horses!

Favorite style of music: I am very unbiased when it comes to genres and artists. I’m always listening to new types of music. My favorite genres are pop and country.

Future goal: I hope to be on one of the singing TV shows such as American Idol, X Factor or The Voice when I am a bit older.

Why the public should vote for you: I’m a feisty, fun girl who loves to sing. I’m relatable, hardworking, and relaxed on stage. I don’t give up easily.

 susan magnani

Alexa Molidor

Training/Background: I have been in eight Christmas singing pageants at my church. I won a singing competition called Bartlett Idol when I was 9 years old. I have done Bartlett Idol ever since. I am starting voice lessons this year.

Interesting Information about yourself: I am very creative and enjoy music. Without music I don't know what I would do!

Favorite style of music: I enjoy listening and singing to pop music.

Future goal:I am hoping to become either a vocal coach or elementary school music teacher in the future.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me because I will give them a new performance every time I sing. I put a lot of time and effort into my singing and enjoy sharing my voice with others.

 alexa molidor

Katerina Perez

Training/Background: I don't have much training. I have never had singing lessons, but I have done many school talent shows and musicals. I was part of my school's chorus class.

Favorite style of music: I like all types of music! Some of my favorites are R&B and pop.

Future goal: I would very much like a career involving singing. I plan on going to college and getting a steady and fulfilling job for myself.

Why the public should vote for you: I hope the public votes for me because singing is something I truly love. I am going to prove to the public that I'm someone worth voting for despite never having lessons.

 katerina perez

Garrett Ryan

Training/Background: I took chorus for four years in high school. I have taken guitar lessons and have four years of voice training.

Interesting information about yourself: I will attend University of Illinois in the fall and major in engineering with a minor in music.

Favorite style of music: It depends on my mood.

Future goal: I hope to spend my summer playing live music for festivals and open mics.

Why the public should vote for you: I want their vote because they like what they hear and want to hear more.

Garrett Ryan

Olivia Senese

Training/Background: I have played flute since fourth grade. I am in the school band and choir. I take vocal lessons and have performed in school plays.

Favorite style of music: I enjoy all types of music except for country and rap.

Future goal: I would like to be a well-known actress or singer someday, or a music teacher.

Why the public should vote for you: I'm a fun girl with an open heart who has a never-ending love for music.

 Olivia Senese

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