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Schaumburg Idol 2012 Contestants

Ten contestants are vying for the honor of becoming the next Schaumburg Idol. Read more about the contestants below.

Emilie Rose Danno

Training/Background:  I have been singing as far back as I can remember with my mother. I started taking singing lessons when I was in third grade. I am also in my school choir and am currently taking lessons with Patricia Toledo, a member of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. I audition for every musical production I can.

Interesting information about yourself: I have no middle name, just two first names. I love singing, acting, cookies and writing music. I sing any opportunity I can get. I have been singing my way through life since I was about 3 years old. I have sung at the Michigan Venetian Fest, the national anthem for the Schaumburg Flyers, with Tony Ocean at the Septemberfest, Motorola National Championship, sporting events at school, restaurants and plays.

Favorite style of music: R&B, pop and musical theatre

Future goals: My future goals are to become a famous singer/songwriter and an actress both on film and stage.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me because I truly love to perform. When I sing, I become absorbed in the song. I don’t just sing a song, I feel it. I would hope that when people see me sing, they will see the joy and emotion that I feel when I sing a song.

Emilie Rose Danno

Taylor Matos

Training/Background: I have been doing the Elk Grove Theater for six years. I have also been taking dance for nine years.

Interesting information about yourself: I just graduated from Grove Junior High. I was part of the National Junior Honor Society. I also have been playing travel softball for the Elk Grove Heat for four years and I am the reigning Elk Grove Idol champion.

Favorite style of music: I like country and soulful music especially songs that I can belt.

Future goals: I would love to be a professional singer and perform on Broadway and at Madison Square Garden. I also hope to become the Schaumburg Idol champion.

Why the public should vote for you: Singing is my passion. I love to perform and I feel this is what I am meant to do with my life. I love to share my talent with the world and hope you all enjoy it!

 Taylor Matos

Ondreya Ortiz

Training/Background: I've never had professional voice lessons. I sing all the time, but it is mostly a hobby.

Interesting Information about yourself: Everyone calls me Oni. I am 13 years old.

Future goal: I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but I hope to win Schaumburg Idol.

 Ondreya Ortiz

Arsenio Pascual

Training/ Background: I had one month of training in 2011.

Interesting Information about yourself: My whole family is musically oriented whether it be vocally or instrumentally.

Favorite style of music: I like all types of music from rap to opera. I currently love R&B.

Future goal: I want to be come a successful lawyer and help my family in the United States and Philippines.

Why the public should vote for you: I believe I have a voice that every range of person can enjoy and also that singing and music is basically a part of my daily life.

 Arsenio Pascual

Ryan Sevilla

Training/Background: Concert and chamber choirs and various musicals and plays at St. Viator High School (2009-Present), St. Emily church choir and drama club (2003-2009), won 3rd place in the Illinois Battle of the Bands state competition (2011)

Interesting information about yourself: I enjoy composing and writing songs, graphic and clothing design, and learning about computers. I sing and play the guitar in a rock band called Storm the Front.

Favorite style of music: Classic rock, alternative, punk, metal and broadway music.

Future goal: Graduate from college and work in the entertainment and information technology industries.

Why the public should vote for you: I can sing a wide variety of music and also play the guitar. I really enjoy entertaining an audience and involving the crowd in performances.

 Ryan Sevilla

Alexis Traczyk 

Training/Background: I don’t really have any formal training. Music is a huge part of my life. I’m always listening to music and love to sing in the car, while I bake and sew and anywhere that I can.

Interesting information about yourself: I’m a free soul with passion for life and I try to enjoy everything this world has to offer. I love music, cooking, literature, photography, art and fashion.

Favorite style of music: My mother was determined to expose me to many different styles of music over the years and there is a special place in my heart for all of them. I have a deep love and understanding for originally composed instrumental pieces, especially scores from films and television.

Future goals: Although I love to sing, I don’t think that becoming a professional performer is in my future at this time. I have a strong passion for fashion and design. I’ve been taking fashion construction courses for three years and next year will be my fourth and final year. I see myself in some type of fashion-oriented career, possibly fashion design, cinematic costume design, fashion photography or fashion journalism.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me if they like my singing. I know I’m not the best singer in the world, but I work hard to give 110%. I try to put my heart and soul into every song I perform. If I only last the first round, at least I’ll have an experience I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t try at all. I’m here to have fun and share my voice with the public, and that’s really all that matters to me.

 Alexis Traczyk

Geraldine Truman

Training/Background: Born and brought-up in India, I come from a family that is musically gifted. My maternal grandparents were professional Indian classical singers and they exposed me to traditional Indian classical music at a very early age. I grew up with a passion for singing and have been inspired by various artists from different musical genres over the years. I trained with Padma Shri Handel Manuel, a highly acclaimed Indian pianist and composer. I have been a part of school and church choirs at Emmanuel Methodist Church, South India. I have won several prizes in various singing competitions in school. I was a member of the Covenant Church Choir in Carrolton, Texas. I am currently taking professional voice lessons from Kelli Ann Lotrich, a renowned and well-rounded musician and voice coach.

Interesting information about yourself: I am told that I could sing even before I learned to speak! My mother says I would sing along with her as a baby as she crooned and rocked me to sleep. Besides English, I can sing in Tamil, Hindi and French.

Favorite style of music: I enjoy perform gospel, country, soft rock, pop, and adult contemporary songs, especially ballads.

Future goal: I have a dream…that when I sing, the people in the audience will sing every word with me. I aspire to become a professional singer and a recording artist because I believe my musical abilities are a gift from God and I desire to use them to minister to hurting people and uplift the heart and spirit of every listener.

Why the public should vote for you: There are many people who adopt the singing styles of their favorite artists. I am not one of them. My voice is my own and I really have something soulful to share with people around me. To me, singing is an intimate way of expressing a personal emotion. That's why I am so passionate about it and always strive to give my best. I am eager to use my talent to share a positive message with the world.

 Geraldine Truman

Kelly Wargo

Training/Background: I’ve been in competitions before and I’m in choir at school. I’ve also taken private voice lessons with Mary Helen Harrison and Molly Clodius.

Interesting Information about yourself: I’m 15 years old and go to Conant High School. I’m a former cheerleader, but I still coach EGYF cheer. I love to play softball with my dad as my coach and have sung the National Anthem at All-Star games and other sporting events. My favorite band is One Direction.

Favorite style of music: Pop and country

Future goal: I plan to be in the musicals at Conant and someday sing the National Anthem for one of the football games. As far as bigger goals go, I definitely want to make it to an arts school and become a performer. It'd be a dream to one day sing with Harry Styles or the rest of One Direction.

Why the public should vote for you: I love entertaining people and really want to go as far as I can with my voice. Participating in Schaumburg Idol is a wonderful opportunity and one step closer to reaching my goals.

 Kelly Wargo

Melissa Wickland

Training/Background: I have been in musical theatre productions since age 8, taken voice lessons, sang in church choir and school chorus and been dancing since age 3.

Interesting information about yourself: I won Schaumburg's Got Talent with a friend in 2010. I will be a freshman at Schaumburg High School in the fall.

Favorite style of music: Musical theatre

Future goal: I want to be on Broadway and win a Tony Award

Why the public should vote for you: Singing is my passion and I love doing it. I am unique, entertaining and I think that I am good at what I do.
 Melissa Wickland

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