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Schaumburg Idol 2011 Contestants

Twelve contestants are vying for the honor of becoming the next Schaumburg Idol. Read more about the contestants below.

Tadajah Shamer Coleman

Training/Background: I began singing as soon as I could speak. I took two years of vocal lessons, two years of vocal preforming arts academy and performed for four years in various musicals including High School Musical, Wizard of Oz, Hairspray and Urinetown.

Interesting Information about yourself: I have played the flute for five years and during my freshman year, I was accepted into the wind ensemble, the highest level band, and the Chicago Academy for the Arts. I have been dancing for over four years in the styles of modern jazz, lyrical and ballet. I am also a member of my high school poms dance team for the past two years.

Favorite style of music: R&B, Gospel and Neo soul

Future goal: My future goals are to attend Julliard and major in vocal performance, maintain a high GPA, become a professional recording artist and help heal humanity through my voice.

Why should the public vote for you: The public should vote for me because I am passionate about my music and work very hard to get to where I want go in life. I care for others and music is not just my hobby, it’s my passion.
Tadajah Coleman

Shanelle Farr

Training/Background:  I am 16 years old and the oldest of four girls. I have loved to sing since I was little and I was in dance and singing classes when I was younger. I have been in a few plays as well as the choir at Hoffman Estates High School. I have been in my church choir at Living Gospel Church of God and Christ in Elgin and True Way of Life Ministries in Chicago. I am currently taking voice lessons.

Interesting information about yourself: I have a true passion to become a recording artist. I have written over 60 songs and I am very productive at what I do. I will be going into the studio (hopefully soon) to put together my first demo CD.

Favorite style of music: My favorite types of music are R&B and pop. My favorite artist is Jennifer Hudson. I have been following Jennifer Hudson since she was a contestant on American Idol. When I look at all of Jennifer Hudson’s hard work, it gives me great hope for my future.

Future goals: I really want to become a big person in the music industry as either a recording artist or a music producer. I also want to become a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse.

Why the public should vote for you: I think the public should vote for me because I am a unique person. I have big dreams and I hope that people will remember me and say “I remember her from Schaumburg Idol 2011!”
Shanelle Farr

Mary Geraci

Training/Background: Private voice lessons with Kathleen Wilson.

Interesting information about yourself: I have 28 cousins. My middle name was almost Christmas because I was born three weeks early and came home on Christmas Eve. My mom couldn’t bring herself to name me Mary Christmas so I’m Mary Crystle. My Aunt Carrie still calls me Mary Christmas.

Favorite style of music: Pop and Rock

Future goals: I really want to become a professional singer or actress. I also am interested in possibly owning my own preschool or child psychiatric center.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me because I truly enjoy what I am doing and really want to pursue singing as a career. I absolutely love singing and I would be so thankful to be able to keep moving up each round.

Mary Geraci

Victoria Geraci

Training/Background: I’ve had Kathleen Wilson as a personal voice coach for half a year now. She is the best and has helped me with just about everything.

Interesting information about yourself: I have been singing since I was born and I love it. I sing badly when I am nervous. I have been dancing for 10 or 11 years and acting at Schaumburg Park District for three years. I was the main character in the District’s Cinderella performance and had a blast. I am almost sixteen and will be a junior at Barrington High School in the fall.

Favorite style of music: I have a lot of favorite styles but my favorite one is whatever genre Paramore belongs to.

Future goal: To do everything to the best of my ability.

Why the public should vote for you: You should vote for me because I love singing and I’m going to be doing it for the rest of my life. I believe I can do so much better each time.

Victoria Geraci

Marissa Glosny

Training/Background: My vocal training has been developed over the years by the help of my mother. She was a competitive singer/performer. Various vocal artists inspired me to become the singer I am today. My father and stepmother acted as my agents by finding venues for me to sing at. I independently learned how to play the piano. It has been a key factor in my life by helping express myself through music.

Interesting information about yourself: I have been singing since age 3. Music was always played in my home. My parents encouraged me to perform at an early age. I was put in dance school for several years and being on stage came natural to me. I sang in talent shows and numerous competitions including the McHenry and Boone County Fair.  Representing McHenry County, I went to the state competition in Springfield where I placed third out of 41 contestants. My recent experience was auditioning for X Factor and making it past the first cut. All of these opportunities have developed my voice and overall performance. I am excited to continue to grow as a performer in years to come.

Favorite style of music: I enjoy all types of music, but when it comes to performing I enjoy pop and R&B.

Future goals: After graduating high school, I plan on attending college, then enrolling in medical school with the hope to someday become a surgeon. As a little girl, I had always dreamt of being a singer, but I have a passion for science and helping others.

Why the public should vote for you: I believe the public should vote for me because within every song, I send a message. When I perform a song, my goal is to have the audience believe in the lyrics that I am singing as much as I do. I have and will continue to put time and effort into each of my performances so they are the best that I can give.

marissa glosny

Kailey Grove

Training/Background:  I started taking interest in singing when I was in second grade. After I heard my aunt sing, I was really inspired because she has a beautiful voice. I never realized I had talent until my friends and family told me and that’s when I started taking vocal lessons. I took lessons for about 3 years and learned the basics of piano. I recently got an acoustic guitar and am going to take lessons. I’ve performed in two of my middle school musicals, Mulan and Fiddler on the Roof, but I realized I wasn’t really into theatre. I just had a passion to sing.

Interesting Information about yourself: I started competing in competitions when I was in fourth grade. I competed in Village Idol for three years including FoxFire and Kane County. I took first place in my age division for FoxFire and third place out of twelve contestants for Kane County. I also love to play soccer and volleyball.

Favorite style of music: I listen to pop-rock and pop, but love to perform classic rock songs like Queen. I started looking into jazzy blues songs like Smokey Robinson.

Future goal: I'm still figuring out my future plans because i'm only fourteen. I do know that singing will always be a passion of mine, it’s what I do best! Hopefully someday I can make it as a recording artist. It would be an amazing dream come true.

Why the public should vote for you: Singing is my passion and I sing everyday! Whether it’s in the shower or on stage, it just comes naturally to me. Schaumburg idol is the biggest competition I’ve done so far and it means a lot to me so I’m going to try my best to win! I’m also going to sing many different song selections. I’ve explored different jazzy blues songs that I really want to perform. I’m devoted to my singing and work very hard on each song I sing, it would truly mean alot if you voted for me.

Kailey Grove

Natalia Markiewicz

Training/ Background: I've been taking lessons since I was in third grade.

Interesting Information about yourself: I love animals, singing, designing dresses, making jewelry, painting and reading. I have a strange obsession with white bunnies with red eyes.

Favorite style of music: Alternative

Future goal: My future goal is to be a singer, actress and dress designer.

Why the public should vote for you: The public should vote for me because I'm an amazing singer. Sometimes I may mess up but, everyone does that. I also work hard for performances and try my best on stage. I'm here to win like everyone else in the competition but, I also want to have as much fun as possible.
Natalia Markiewicz

Brina Miller

Training/Background: Singing, acting and preforming is something I grew up doing. I have been in a number of plays at the Schaumburg Park District including “The Last Christmas Carol,” “Miracle on 34th Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I sang “Maybe” from the “Annie” at the Schaumburg Park District talent show and danced at the talent show with a few of my friends. I also sung the National Anthem at the Schaumburg Flyers game twice. In Des Plaines, I was in the very first stage production of Disney’s “High School Musical.” That same year, I made it into the top three singers for Des Plaines Idol.

Interesting information about yourself: I am a former cheerleader and now dancer. I also coach SAA 8th grade poms. Last year, I coached the third grade SAA cheerleading squad and took them all the way to the state competition, where they won. I play soccer and travel with my family, and I love Bon Jovi.

Favorite style of music: It’s so difficult to single out one style of music as my favorite because I love it all! I guess it just depends on the type of mood I’m in. Country music is very meaningful, it tells a story. A certain song can make you feel a certain way and really connect to what you’re going through in your life. On the other hand, when I’m out with my friends just trying to have a good time, a fast paced pop song just makes the night better. I love to dance so those types of songs are also a big part of my life.

Future goal: I want to continue singing, acting, and dancing in my near future. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do for my future career. For a very specific goal of mine, i would love to play Elphaba in the “Wicked” one day. It is my favorite musical and I have seen it multiple times. It would be the dream role for me.

Why the public should vote for you: I think that people should vote for me because I believe that I represent Schaumburg the best! I’ve lived and grew up in Schaumburg and I go to Schaumburg High School. I’ve been involved in many park district plays and performed events for the community. I love the town that I live in, and as the Schaumburg Idol, I would be so honored. I would do everything that I can to represent our community in a classy, fun and inspiring way.

Brina Miller

Jacque Miller

Training/Background: I am in jazz and traditional choirs in school. I have also participated in many singing and talent competitions.

Interesting information about yourself: I am a junior at St.Charles North High School. I like to sing, act, write and make art. I’ve participated in many musicals and plays including "Children of Eden," "Hairspray," "Reckless" and "The Music Man." I also love working with animals.

Favorite style of music: Jazz and Classic Rock

Future goals: I plan on majoring in vocal performance and becoming a singer. I am thinking about performing in jazz clubs because I love the intimate atmosphere. I also would like to help out at animal shelters and other volunteer organizations.

Why the public should vote for you: I am passionate about my singing. I want to be the best I can be so that I can touch people with my voice. I’m always looking to improve and Schaumburg Idol is a great oppurtunity. I really hope you like what you hear and enjoy my performances.

Jacque Miller

Josie Treffy

Training/Background: I have been taking guitar lessons for about a year. I also take vocal lessons.

Interesting information about yourself: I am in an all-girl band named Serendipity.

Favorite style of music: Pop Rock

Future goal: I want to share my musical interest with others.

Why the public should vote for you: I like to entertain and if you like my performances, please vote for me.
Josie Treffy

Emily Whaley

Training/Background: Although I haven’t taken any voice lessons, I’ve been able to work with some amazing musical directors over the past few years that have helped me grow as a singer.

Interesting Information about yourself: I’m a pretty diverse person. Of course I love theater and music, but I also love sports, kids and school.

Favorite style of music: I love to listen to all styles of music from pop and R&B to country and oldies. My favorite genres of music to perform are Broadway and musical theater.

Future goal: Even if it is a bit ambitious, I really want to be a performer and have music as a part of my life forever. I know it’s a tough business, so I plan on going to college for both performing arts and music education. That way I can hopefully help guide other children to follow their dreams to be on stage while I work to be discovered.

Why the public should vote for you: I was born to sing. Both of my parents have been signing to me since I was a baby. I live, breathe, eat, and sleep singing. Being in Schaumburg Idol is the perfect way to share my love of singing with everyone and I hope the public votes for me because they like what they hear and want more! 

emily whaley

Courtney Young

Training/Background: I am a vocalist, keyboardist and kind-of-guitarist. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in dance from the University of Kansas. I received my certification in audio engineering after graduation.

Interesting information about yourself: I am a Tetris master with a top score of 315 lines.

Favorite style of music: Rock and basically all rock sub-genres, excluding country

Future goal:  My future goals are to live out God's will; inspire, entertain and help others through music; feed people; spay and neuter as many homeless pets as possible; and live in a tree house.

Why the public should vote for you: I can rock their faces off when I rock my heart out.
Courtney Young

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