Schaumburg Park District Massage


Enjoy a relaxing massage at the Community Recreation Center. Massages at the Community Recreation Center feature private sessions with certified therapists. Convenient times are available. Call 847/490-2505 for an appointment today.

Individual Session Prices

Passholder Non-Passholder
1/2 hour session
$45 $57
3/4 hour session $51 $63
1 hour session $57 $69
1 1/2 hour session $85 $102


One-Hour Session Packages

Passholder Non-Passholder
Package of 3
$156 $197
Package of 5        
$250 $318
Package of 7
$333 $430

Note: Refunds for packages will be charged the regular one-hour rate per session, not the package discount.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please contact the Community Recreation Center. You will be charged the full rate if you fail to notify staff at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

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