Schaumburg Park District

Schaumburg Park District Staff Directory

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The following phone numbers can be reached directly by dialing 847/534-4810.

Executive Staff

Title Name Phone Email 
Executive Director Tony LaFrenere 847/985-2115 x1028
Deputy Director Steve Burgess 847/985-2115 x1019 
Executive Assistant Julie Ary 847/985-2115 x1014

Recreation Staff

Superintendent of Recreation Vince Kennedy  847/985-2115 x1009
Division Manager of Programming Sandy Harris 847/490-7015 x2003
Division Manager of Facilities Ryan Gangler 847/490-7015 x2004 
Community Recreation Center Manager Kristy McCann 847/490-7015 x2016 
Meineke Recreation Center Manager Mike Wold 847/985-2143 x2147
Schaumburg Tennis Plus Manager 847/884-0678 x3102
Sport Center Manager Karen Shannon 847/891-1266 x4003
Assistant Sport Center Manager Derek Dvorak 847/891-1266 x4004
Bock Neighborhood Center Manager Kathleen Benson 847/985-2141 x1301
Early Childhood Supervisor Teresa Varco 847/490-7036 x2301
Athletic Supervisor Derek Radek 847/985-2143 x2146
Party Coordinator Pam Gauper 847/490-7015 x2009
Aquatic Supervisor Heather Hagstrom 847/490-7015 x2015
Assistant Aquatics Supervisor Stacy Johnson 847/490-7015 x2017
KASPER Supervisor Stephanie Gear 847/252-2888 x2038
Cultural Arts Supervisor Beth Waller 847/490-7015 x2023
Dance Coordinator Brandee McBride/
Kari Larsen
847/490-7015 x2024
Senior Center Supervisor Lisa Perrone 847/490-7026 x2011
Building Coordinator Lori Skoniecke 847/490-7015 x2018
Recreation Secretary Sheila Czech 847/490-7015 x2002
Fitness Supervisor Charissa Tischhauser 847/490/7015 x2027

Business Staff

Technology Manager Theresa Lim 847/985-2115 x1020
Registration Supervisor Darlene Smith 847/490-7015 x2005

Human Resources Staff

Director of Human Resources Laila Bashia 847/985-2115 x1008
Human Resources Coordinator Julie McArthur
847/490-7076 x3005

Parks Staff

Superintendent of Parks Todd King 847/985-2115 x1007
Parks Planner Matt Gaynor 847/985-2115 x1033
Parks Admin. Assistant Helen Marks 847/985-2115 x1005

Facilities Staff

Director of Facility Services & Emergency Management Doug Kettel 847/985-2115 x1017

Spring Valley Nature Center & Heritage Farm Staff

Spring Valley Manager Dave Brooks 847/985-2100 x1204
Nature Center Program Coordinator Mary Rice 847/985-2100 x1202
Conservation/Grounds Maintenance Coordinator Matt McBrien 847/985-2100 x1210
Spring Valley Volunteer Program Coordinator Judy Vito 847/985-2100 x1207
Heritage Farm Program Coordinator Patty Kennedy 847/985-2100 x1501
Heritage Farm Operations Coordinator Jon Kuester 847/985-2100 x1502

Golf Staff

General Manager of Golf Operations Jon Parsons 847/885-9000 x3003
Lead Assistant Golf Professional Chris Faillo 847/885-9000 x3004  
Greens Supervisor Shane Ritchie 847/885-9000 x3008
Walnut Greens Golf Course Manager Peggy Ellsworth 847/490-7878 x2200

Communications Staff

Director of Communications and Marketing Justin Sienkiewicz 847/985-2115 x1003
Art Director Scott Stompor 847/985-2115 x1002
 Communications Coordinator Sophie Ali 847/985--2115 x1001

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